STEVEN BLUSH has written three books on the subject of Rock: American Hardcore (Feral House, 2001), a history of the early-80s Hardcore Punk scene; American Hair Metal (Feral House, 2006), a visual tribute to big-haired rockers; and .45 Dangerous Minds (Creation, 2005), a collection of interviews with Pop Culture's most notorious. His writing has appeared in over 25 publications, including Spin, Details, Interview, Village Voice, and The Times Of London. For over 15 years he published the cult magazine Seconds, and still serves as contributing editor to Paper. For years he worked as a New York club DJ/promoter, noted for his "Röck Cändy" parties at Don Hill's and sound design for fashion designer Stephen Sprouse. Blush wrote and produced the American Hardcore documentary film (Sony Picture Classics, 2006), and followed that with an expanded and revised Second Edition of the American Hardcore book (Feral House, 2010).